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Eurorack modular synthesizer XODES BCI Black Card Interface 3U 2HP synth module DSP algorithm ericasynths blackholedsp blackholedspmk1 blackholedspmk2 picodsp tiptop tiptopaudio TTA ZDSP Z-DSP

Black Card Interface (2HP)

The 2HP versions of BCI allow you to use cards made for the Tiptop Audio Z-DSP with the Black Hole DSP MK1, MK2 or Pico DSP from EricaSynths.

The MK1 version plugs to the expansion ROM connector and requires no modification. Simply be sure to enable the external EPROM by following the official instructions.

Units manufactured since August 2021 have an additional connector on the back that allows using the original ROM expansion. It will be automatically selected when no card is present.

The MK2 version plugs to the ROM programming connector and requires desoldering one of the 3 original EEPROMS from the Black Hole DSP which might void your warranty.

The Pico version plugs to the ROM programming connectors and requires desoldering the original EEPROM from the Pico DSP which might void your warranty.

Do not try to perform this modification if you have no experience with SMT soldering.

Only the person performing the modification can be held responsible in case of trouble.

The original EEPROM from the MK2 and Pico versions can be soldered back onto BCI, so these can still be accessed when no card is inserted. BCI would then automatically switch to the card's algorithms when detected.

You don't need to order backpacks to use with the 2HP interface, the part connecting to the module is hardwired.

All parameters are accessible on all units, and are arranged as follows (this cannot be changed). The MK1 and Pico outputs will be fully wet :

Card MK1 MK2 Pico
Param1 Dry/Wet Param1 Dry/Wet
Param2 Param1 Param2 Param1
Param3 Param2 Param3 Param2

Quickstart guide

BCI on ModularGrid

Width 2HP
Depth MK1 : 25mm
MK2 : 35mm
Pico : 40mm