XX8 Placeholders

5.00 - 42.50 (excl. VAT)
XX8 Placeholders

Eurorack modular synthesizer XODES XX8 blank panel placeholder 1U 6HP Intellijel Pulp Logic PulpLogic IJ PL synth module TR808 TR-808 808 analog drum machine drummachine

XX8 Placeholders

These 6HP blanks will fill your 1U row in Intellijel or Pulp Logic format and will act
 as placeholders for our possible future 1U modules inspired by a famous analog drum machine
 from the early 80s.

Comes as single (random) unit, 5-pack, or 10-pack.

Each blank can be used on both sides.
(BD8/RC8, SD8/MC8, TC8L/CB8, TC8M/CY8, TC8H/HH8)

Comes with screws and washers.

BD8 on ModularGrid

SD8 on ModularGrid

TC8L on ModularGrid

TC8M on ModularGrid

TC8H on ModularGrid

CB8 on ModularGrid

MC8 on ModularGrid

RC8 on ModularGrid

CY8 on ModularGrid

HH8 on ModularGrid

Height 1U
Width 6HP
Depth 0mm
Max power +12V : 0mA
-12V : 0mA