Eurorack modular synthesizer manufacturer XODES module 3U 1U Intellijel IJ PulpLogic PL synth voltage controlled CV trigger gate trig control voltage patch

We're based in France, and we imagine, design, and manufacture products we don't find on the market, whether speaking of size, format, or functionality for eurorack modular synthesizers in 3U and 1U formats.

Even though the electronics industry might never be a totally clean one, we try as much as possible to lower our impact on the environment.

We decided to avoid the use of short-life plastic based products for our packaging materials, which are made of recycled, recyclable or compostable materials instead. And this includes that glossy sticker on our products boxes, and results in that minimalist look!

We also decided not to include "goodies" to our products which could possibly end up in the trash, collect dust on a shelf, indefinitely stay hidden in a drawer, or increase our customers dental care budget.

The environmental impact is also partly why we insisted in having our products made locally : even though most problems can be solved via e-mail or on the phone, we can quickly go visit our contract manufacturers in case we need to, and our products will not travel long distances before reaching us.

Working with people locally also has an ethical, and social impact : we know the people who make our products, their processes, and we can be sure good working conditions are put in place.