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The D in XODES is for Devices.

May you need one of our existing products customized to your specific needs, we'd be happy to help!

Please simply keep in mind that some modifications that would require a specific add-on, a revision of a PCB, a format change, or custom front panel may have quite an impact on the final price for a one-off project.

Alternatively, we propose to collaborate if you have a (great) product idea. In order to lower the impact of the development cost on your side, we'd add the resulting products to our catalogue.

The ES is for Engineering Services.

A strong industrial background allows us to work on complex products, requiring high constraints.

We can help you on various industrial projects requiring fine pitch BGAs, passives down to 01005 packages, or wire bonding, and we are used to work with FR4 boards up to 14 layers, FPCs / rigid-flex up to 4 layers, as well as IMS solutions.

Use the contact form, and let us know about your needs.