AXX drum series

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AXX drum series

Eurorack modular synthesizer XODES AXX analog drum machine Roland TR-808 808 1U 6HP synth module bass drum snare drum hi hats tom conga rim shot claves handclap cowbell cymbal

Acid drums

In case you missed our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, you now have an opportunity to pre-order these modules at a slightly reduced price (~10%).

We only put a few units available for pre-order, and once they're gone these will be available at the regular price when they're released.

These should start shipping in April 2023, and in case you're willing to also get products that actually are in stock, we kindly ask you to make a separate order for the modules in the AXX series.

The Tom/Conga module in the photo uses a generic front panel and the final products will have 3 different panels for the Low/Mid/High ranges (ATC-L / ATC-M / ATC-H).

Be sure to use a quality listening system for the short demo videos, since the lowest frequencies can be real low for common devices!