82.50 - 262.50 (excl. VAT)

Eurorack modular synthesizer XODES CM6 6-channel Chainable Mixer 3U 22HP 1U 20HP Intellijel PulpLogic synth module analog ac dc mixer expander chain

6-channel Chainable Mixer

CM6 is a simple 1U 6-channel mixer originally designed to go along with 
our line of 1U drum modules. 

A special cable is provided so that 2 or more units can be chained.

When several modules are chained, the main output will be the one from the last module in the chain and each one can still be used as an individual sub-mixer by using its own output.

The 1U 3-PACK comes with 3 standard power cables, while the 3U 3-PACK comes with a single MP40 multi power cable instead.

Inputs are AC coupled by default
 as CM6 was primarily intended to be used as an audio mixer.

In case you'd like to use it for CV 
instead and/or want linear potentiometers, please add a comment when placing your order.

Our hybrid 1U front panels use the dimensions as defined by Intellijel, and the open slots make these compatible with cases using the Pulp Logic format.

Our 1U modules use a standard IDC power connector.

CM6 on ModularGrid

Height 1U 3U
Width 20HP 22HP
Depth 34mm
Max power +12V : 10mA
-12V : 10mA