FC213 (Pulp Logic)

51.00 (excl. VAT)
FC213 (Pulp Logic)

XODES F2313 Eurorack Pulp Logic 1U to 3U adapter modular synthesizer PulpLogic PL format changer adapter 30HP rails sliding nuts M2.5 M3.0

Double Row 1U to 3U Format Changer (Pulp Logic)

With our FC213 double row, Eurorack 1U to 3U adapters, the use of 1U modules in Pulp Logic format is no longer restricted to cases with 1U rows!

FC213 should fit any 3U Eurorack case and will locally add 2 1U rows, making the modules usable in their original orientation, unlike what is possible with commonly available 1U to 3U adapters.

Since we had some space available, the 30HP version can hold an additional tilted 3U 2HP module in the middle.

Due to various mechanical constraints, the frame includes M2.5 sliding nuts, and these can't be upgraded to M3.0.

The HP size in the product name is for the 1U rows, and the frame eats 2 more HP.

If you need it, you can ask for a 3U 2HP blank for free by adding a comment during checkout when ordering the 30HP version.

Since we'll only sell these via our webshop for now, it's been decided to keep the same price as for the 30HP Intellijel version until the end of November, while stock lasts.

Height 3U
Width 32HP
Depth 8mm