MLB (1U)

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MLB (1U)

Eurorack modular synthesizer XODES MLB malleable logic block 1U 12HP 3U 3HP synth module CV voltage control voltage controlled boolean logic not and nand or nor xor xnor nxor d-type flip-flop complementary outputs

Malleable Logic Block

MLB was created to reduce the footprint of our previous logic module (LB5), especially for the 1U version which is 24HP wide.

All of LB5 functions were kept, and MLB can work as a dual inverter, 2-inputs AND, OR, XOR gates with complementary outputs as well as a D-type flip-flop, which is the only mode to make use of the Reset input.

The mode in which MLB will work is set via a potentiometer, which will act as an attenuator when a jack is inserted to its associated CV input.

Our hybrid 1U front panels use the dimensions as defined by Intellijel, and the open slots make these compatible with cases using the Pulp Logic format.

Our 1U modules use a standard IDC power connector.

A 3U version of this module is available.

Quickstart guide

MLB 1U on ModularGrid

Height 1U
Width 12HP
Depth 35mm
Max power +12V : 40mA
-12V : 0mA