185.00 - 250.00 (excl. VAT)

Eurorack modular synthesizer XODES PV44 Preset Voltages 3U 20HP synth module trigged trigger select 1V 2V 4V 5V +/-5V AFX mode AFXmode modulation variation sequencer

4 x 4 Preset Voltages

PV44 lets you select between 4 groups of 4 voltages via prioritized trigger inputs.

1V, 2V, or 4V range for the upper rows, +5V and ±5V for the lower rows.

Common modulation input with an attenuverter per row.

The 4 trigger signals also go to an OR logic gate, which proves to be handy when using PV44 with percussion synthesizers or envelope generators.

PV44 IMI adds a couple modulation possibilities to a stock PV44.

The original PV44 modulation input is still effective when used, and becomes the modulation group I when a signal is inserted in the bottom jack on the expansion (group II).

The groups destination can be selected with a switch, and reduces the need of multiples.

The top A/B/C/D jacks, directly go to their respective attenuverters.

The units with the "NO BACKLIGHT" option needed rework on the attenuverters backlight. Instead of fully repairing these, it's been decided to remove this feature and propose these units at a reduced price.

Possible uses

- create 4 "instruments" out of a single percussion synth
- effects settings navigation
- pattern variation

PV44 Quickstart guide

PV44 IMI Quickstart guide

PV44 on ModularGrid

PV44 IMI on ModularGrid

Height 3U
Width PV44 : 20HP / IMI : 3HP
Depth 30mm
Max power +12V : 135mA
(w/ LEDs) -12V : 70mA