60.00 - 225.00 (excl. VAT)

Eurorack modular synthesizer XODES µLB uLB µLB-N uLB-N µLB-A uLB-A µLB-O uLB-O µLB-X uLB-X single logic gate 1U 6HP synth module boolean not and or xor nand nor xnor

µ Logic Block (dual NOT / AND / OR / XOR)

Sometimes one may need a single Boolean logic gate. At least, this is what some of our customers requested!

Instead of making multiple modules for different functions, we made a 4-in-1 version.

Even though we let you select which version you want to order, this module comes with 2 reversible panels. The function is selected with a DIP switch on the back, and can be set to (dual) NOT, AND, OR, XOR.

If you don't have one already, we'd recommend getting the small tool we designed to accommodate with the smooth nuts we use!

The AND, OR, XOR modes also give access to their complementary signals referred as NAND, NOR, XNOR.

The Quad Pack comes with one of each and individual power cables by default and doesn't include extra front panels. Please leave a note when ordering if you need a different front panel combination, and/or want to replace the 4 power cables with 2 MP40 multi-power cables.

Our hybrid 1U front panels use the dimensions as defined by Intellijel, and the open slots make these compatible with cases using the Pulp Logic format.

Our 1U modules use a standard IDC power connector.

Quickstart guide

µLB-N on ModularGrid

µLB-A on ModularGrid

µLB-O on ModularGrid

µLB-X on ModularGrid

Height 1U
Width 6HP
Depth 35mm
Max power +12V : 35mA
-12V : 0mA